Our Practice

Our Why


  • We believe that People and Organisations do not fulfil their short and long term potential due to a limiting or non aligned mindset.
  • We believe that all people want to grow and are capable to achieve new heights.
  • We believe that the correct mindset creates a healthy work life balance.
  • We believe in making the journey a fun and enjoyable experience.
  • We believe that the best organisations nurture their people selflessly for their mutual tomorrows.
  • We believe in the power of harnessing the potential of the people. 

Our Mission


To help all the stakeholders fulfil maximum potential thus creating greater value within the organisation.

The Founding Partner


Having more than 25 years international managerial experience in the Automotive and Medtech industries, Nigel Wing has an extensive knowledge and expertise in all operational aspects of manufacturing industry (Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Lean/Operational Excellence, Quality, Maintenance, Industrial Engineering, NPI).

He has led significant change through the creation of a shared Vision, promotion of a Continuous Improvement work environment and deployment of Lean Manufacturing / Enterprise methodologies in order to achieve manufacturing cost optimisation.

His most recent challenge was as Technical and General Manager of a MedTech Start-up.