Golfer's Mindset



Golf has often been considered good for business. A great way to relate to customers, suppliers, partners and employees. 

However the benefits of a Golfer's Mindset go far beyond the interpersonal relationships that can be built out on the course.

Golf is very beneficial in all aspects of your business. From Leadership skills to qualities and attributes that make people work in an ethical, productive, determined and disciplined manner.


Golf is one of the Top 5  participative or spectator sports across the globe. Played in over 208 of the 245 countries worldwide, with over 33,100 golf facilities and more than 31 million consumers. So what drives them to the courses and driving ranges on such a regular bases? And why, despite an imperfect round, they continue to go back week after week?


Golfers are taught the rules and they are expected to enforce them on themselves. Only refering to a Referee in case of doubt. 

The game is based on honor, not on trying to get away with something.

These values are at the core of character. And key to the Mindset that business want to instill in their employees.


Golf is one of the only sports where the ball is stationary when it is hit. The path of the ball is 95% fruit of the golfer and 5% due to the environment in which is being played. However the golfer must be able to assess the situation and take the appropriate decisions to ensure the best results. His/Her ability to block out distractions and focus on the task at hand make the differences between mediocre or good execution of the shot. 


From Tee to Green, each hole is a mini paradise. Stray off the fairway and there are bunkers, streams, lakes and rough to hinder your progression to the hole. The ball may land in trouble but the game must go on and target reached in the least number of shots possible.


After everything, golf is a game. To be played to the best of our ability. To be improved through training and practice. And to be enjoyed with fellow players

Golfer's Mindset Training

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that will instill in them the qualities of golf.

 They might even take up "The Greatest Game that was ever Played". 

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