Independant Advisory Service

Expert Guidance

All businesses can benefit from external expert support. As an independent advisor, the relationship is for the longer term assisting in the ongoing challenges that the business faces. As an expert in industrial operations, the orientation would be assisting the definition of the company’s strategy, providing support and guidance in the correct implementation of the agreed strategy, supporting the recruitment of technical management, and promoting operations, business development and public relations in favour of the company.

An expert opinion often allows all parties to take into consideration often unthought of points and therefore provide a more optimal solution to business issues. As an independent advisor, the judgement would be objective and not biased towards neither Management team nor Board of Directors.

Expertise covers the following areas of industrial operations:- 

  • Supply Chain inc. supplier management, transportation, warehousing, planning, procurement, Contingency planning
  • Manufacturing inc. process efficiencies in terms of quality and labour, maintenance, Operational Excellence
  • Human Resource Management inc. training, recruitment, Change Management
  • Quality inc. customer, process, supplier and system risks
  • Internal Audit processes inc. financial and Management System


Additionally a consultancy service could be offered in order to add additional external resource in order to solve specific issues or implement specific action plans. In this case, the associate network will be used in order to provide the best support at the right time and at the right cost.

Interim Management

In the event of a directors of manager's departure, short term interim management options may need to be considered in order to protect the continuity of the business whilst a replacement is found. A member of the associate team may be used in order to ensure a timely solution is provided. 

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